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10-11-13 Mtg Notes (2nd Chance Bicycle Recycling)

Attending:  Aaron, Cory, Jordan, Jeremy, Ethan Notes by Ethan 1. We shared our vision for the time bank as a way to mobilize and organize individual and other community resources … Continue reading

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Time Bank: Next steps

Our time bank account is up and running.  Whoohoo!  We’ve been busy preparing the next steps to assemble a core team of founding members who can help prepare the … Continue reading

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Meeting with Maps Credit Union

Maps CU meeting notes Friday, Aug 30 1:30pm Attending:  Ethan (RAN and SC), Jeremy (RAN), Kerry (SC); Amanda, Jill, Mitzi (Maps) Amanda Brenneman — Business Development Officer, major point of … Continue reading

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8/23/13 Meeting Notes

Attending:  Ethan, Jeremy Agenda Update on previously assigned tasks Timechecks discussion mapsCU meeting preparation Salem Sunday Streets prep Neighborhood gardening plan: seed, dates, tools, tasks, people Miscelanious tasks Next steps … Continue reading

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07/12/13 Meeting Notes

Friday July 12 Attending:  Jeremy and Ethan Task assignments are bolded Agenda Ethan gave an overview of the outreach presentation Jeremy reported on his conversation with Linda Ethan and Jeremy … Continue reading

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06/14/13 Meeting Notes

Attending:  Jordan, Jeremy, Ethan Task assignments are bolded Agenda Software Review Development Strategy Community spaces / Guerilla Gardening 1. Software review report: no one has heard back from anyone contacted … Continue reading

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05/31/13 Meeting Notes

5/31/13 RAN Attending: Jeremy, Jordan, Ethan Here is the requested article re: RAN’s process up-to-now: Agenda: Software discussion Other local timebanks MPFS timebank Salem Cooperatives Regular meeting dates and … Continue reading

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5/10/13 meeting notes

5/10/13 RAN notes Attending:  Jordan, Jeremy, Ethan Agenda meeting dates / locations developing the founding board collaboration with Women Ending Hunger? 1. Meeting dates, times, locations Friday afternoons 2x’s a … Continue reading

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Summer Potluck Notes

The notes from our July and August 2012 potlucks identifying where and how we should focus our energies.  We’ve taken these notes and synthesized them with our other meetings and … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Potluck Agendas

Agenda for July 19 and August 23 potlucks Location:  Sunnyside Organics River St training site Please RSVP via comment below or contact form if you will be attending either potluck … Continue reading

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