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The Vernacular Economy: A Starting Point and a Goal

In his book Underminers, author Keith Farnish quotes Alastair McIntosh’s book Soil and Soul at length to describe the diversity of a fully-functional community economy, of which barter is just … Continue reading

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Creating Resilient Communities with Permaculture

Background:  This post is a presentation-style introduction to Resilience Action Network’s Cooperative TimeBank project.  The project draws inspiration from hOurWorld’s integration of community self-help cooperatives and time banking in Portland, … Continue reading

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10-11-13 Mtg Notes (2nd Chance Bicycle Recycling)

Attending:  Aaron, Cory, Jordan, Jeremy, Ethan Notes by Ethan 1. We shared our vision for the time bank as a way to mobilize and organize individual and other community resources … Continue reading

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A Vision for Salem’s Sharing Economy

Elevator Speech An elevator speech is an important tool for project outreach.  It distills what you are doing down into the most important pieces and (hopefully!) puts the most important … Continue reading

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Webinar: Transition Towns and Time Banks

hOur world founding members discuss developing a local economy through time banking: various models, structures, funding mechanisms, how to get it started, some of the challenges and some of the … Continue reading

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Time Bank: Next steps

Our time bank account is up and running.  Whoohoo!  We’ve been busy preparing the next steps to assemble a core team of founding members who can help prepare the … Continue reading

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Meeting with Maps Credit Union

Maps CU meeting notes Friday, Aug 30 1:30pm Attending:  Ethan (RAN and SC), Jeremy (RAN), Kerry (SC); Amanda, Jill, Mitzi (Maps) Amanda Brenneman — Business Development Officer, major point of … Continue reading

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Update from

New features in the time banking software we are using! Hi all, We’ve made some updates to the mobile apps. The new app checks for a newer version and the … Continue reading

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Time Bank Education Resource

One of the largest hurdles we must overcome to establish the Time Bank as an important community resource are people’s attitudes, beliefs or lack of knowledge about time banking. For … Continue reading

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Join us at Salem Sunday Streets

We’ll be at Salem Sunday Streets promoting the timebank, community cooperatives and (hopefully) giving away some TimeChecks.  probably be at the Capitol in the park next to Waverly St. (that … Continue reading

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8/23/13 Meeting Notes

Attending:  Ethan, Jeremy Agenda Update on previously assigned tasks Timechecks discussion mapsCU meeting preparation Salem Sunday Streets prep Neighborhood gardening plan: seed, dates, tools, tasks, people Miscelanious tasks Next steps … Continue reading

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07/26/13 Meeting Notes

Attending: Caiti, Ethan, Jordan, Jeremy Agenda 1. Updates from previously assigned tasks 2. Create neighborhood gardening plan: dates, resources, tasks, participants 3. Create outreach plan (materials, capacity, targets) 4. Delegate … Continue reading

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